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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Yes, my name really is Nancy Drew!

I like to tell stories. As a child I loved the escape of reading and writing. At night I could be found under my covers with a flashlight reading one of my favorite stories or writing in my diary. I wrote my first stories in grade school.  In the third grade I wrote a play called "Writing To Pen Pals", the class even performed it!  I loved writing short stories and poetry all through school.

I get excited about new ideas and dive into research projects; especially for a good cause. Occasionally I get on a soap box when I feel passionate about something.

My 2009 New Year’s resolution was to stop watching TV. It only took about a week for everyone to adjust and now we don’t miss it a bit.

The things that I like to write about usually fall under these headings:


I have three fantastic boys! They are amazing kids; smart, caring and funny. The boys are 18, almost 16, and my youngest just turned 9.  We also have a sweet mini German Shepherd rescue who joined our family about a year ago.

We love to travel. We recently moved across the country from the Midwest to California to get a fresh perspective on life. We found a beautiful spot in the Redwood forest with the elves and the fairies, perfect for telling stories.


I was adopted as an infant and began to search for my birth-family when I turned 18. It took many years but I was ultimately reunited with my birth-mother and her family. I have yet to find my birth-father.


I started volunteering at a very young age. I organized a back yard carnival for the Muscular Dystrophy Association in grade school. When I was in junior high I worked with autistic and other special children who lived in residential treatment. I took them swimming every Saturday and spent summers volunteering there in the occupational therapy department. I still enjoy volunteering in my son's classrooms and the community.

Helping Our Community

My late husband and I realized a dream by opening a not for profit shelter for kids. Our goal was to help teen girls  as they aged out of foster care. It was extremely rewarding and often exhausting work.  

Divorce Survival

I know what it’s like to live way too long in an unhappy marriage and how it affects the whole family. I started a new life with very little as a single working mom.

Blending Families

Quite unexpectedly I found love again. I remarried and we blended our families. Our new family had ‘his’ and ‘mine’ and a year after our wedding we had ‘ours’. It was a very wonderful and challenging experience.

Life As a Widow With Children

I will share the story of my husband’s death and of how the boys and I have once again started over. I will tell you about the heroes and the villains that appeared on my threshold and how we survived it all. I have written a couple of stories for children regarding the death of a parent.

I look forward to sharing our journey with you.