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Monday, June 13, 2011

Camp Widow

It has been nearly five years since my husband passed away. Life for us has changed in ways I could never have imagined. It has been a difficult road, and I must say that I have never felt so alone as when I was in the early stages of grief. It was not until I was able to connect with other widows did I realize that what I was experiencing was normal. Being totally on my own, raising three children with no family support was so sad and exhausting. My main source of emotional support was an online community of widows that I happened to stumble upon. Thank god for that happy accident. I spent lots of sleepless nights reading the posts that they left and realized that I was not alone. My part of the world did not have an active real life widow community, and I longed to make those connections. I have attended a couple of dinners and one large weekend event, and came away with some life long friends. Reaching out and connecting with widows has given me some of the most amazing experineces of my life. I have grown and changed so much over the last five years. I value more than ever my friends who have also lost a life partner. I would love to experience Camp Widow, I have watched it grow since 2007. I am still somewhat stuck in grief and need to find a way to move beyond the trauma of becoming a widow. There are so many amazing people offering to share there successes and offering tools to become who we want to be. I feel that I am truely ready to be happy again, I know he would want me to be. Camp Widow, help me to get there!!